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Elg i BBCs konkurranse
For andre på rad nådde et av Tom Schandys bilder opp i den prestisjetunge fotokonkurransen BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. I 2009 vant Tom Schandy Gerald Durell Award med et portrett av en jaguar fra Pantanal i Brasil. I år fikk han en ”highly commended” med et svart-hvit portrett av en elg fotografert i Lier i Buskerud, bare fem mil fra huset hans. Bildet e rpremiert i klassen ”Nature in black and white”.
This is the caption on BBC`s webpage:
Tom was surrounded by about 20 European elk when he took this photograph. His hide was his car, and the elk had arrived to eat the vegetables that farmers put out for them every winter in the same spot, at Sylling near Oslo, Norway. With so many so close, he could 'play with form and different perspectives.' What particularly fascinated Tom about this female was her fur texture. He used the snow-covered field as a backdrop, deliberately mimicking the effect of a studio portrait.
Mark Carwardine, juryformann, har skrevet dette: This picture works brilliantly in black and white. The crop is inspired and just look at how the multifarious shades of black bring out the texture in that gorgeous fur.
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